Kasparov’s 3 Greatest Matches

By in ninjas on January 13, 2015

Kasparov vs. Karpov, Move 16, 1985 World Championship Moscow


Each immortal game, move-by-ninja-move.

1. His Masterpiece

Kasparov vs. Karpov. 1985, Moscow, World Championship.
DECISIVE MOVE: Game 16, move 16 ‘Deep Knight’

  • Kasparov wins the best of 24 : 13-11, beating current World Champion Karpov
  • At 22 years of age, Kasparov becomes the 13th and youngest World Champion
  • (Often depicted as Gorbachev vs. Brezhnev or New Russia vs. Communist Russia)
  • This contest followed the abandoned, undecided and controversial, 48 game 1984 World Championship between the same two opponents
Kasparov 1985
Black KnightNd3
Deep Knight

Board begins on move 16. Click ‘+’ on the board for ‘auto-play’.


2. Deep Blue

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue. 1996, Philadelphia, Exhibition.
DECISIVE MOVE: Game 1, move 37 ‘Deep Blue Wins’

  • First computer victory over a reigning World Champion
  • Kasparov wins three and draws two of the next five games winning decisively 4-2*

*WIN = 1 Point, DRAW = ½ Point

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
White RookRh7
Deep Blue 1-0

Board begins at Checkmate. Click << to replay.


3. Versus The World

Kasparov vs. The World. 1999, The Internet, Exhibition.
DECISIVE MOVE: Game 1, move 37 ‘Deep Blue Wins’

  • 62 moves played on the Internet over four months
  • The World Team: Over 50,000 players from more than 75 countries
  • Inspired his Kasparov Against the World: The Story of the Greatest Online Challenge*

*World’s longest analysis devoted to a single chess game, 202 pages


“It is the greatest game in the history of chess. The sheer number of ideas, the complexity, and the contribution it has made to chess make it the most important game ever played.”
– Garry Karparov

Kasparov vs The World
White RookRh7

Board begins at Checkmate. Click << to replay.


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