One Million Seconds

By in ninjas on June 9, 2015

NINJASTime Spiral Clock Seconds Years

1 Thousand Seconds is 17 Mins.

1 Million Seconds is 12 Days.

1 Billion Seconds is 31 Years.

$1 Million every 12 Days makes you a Billionaire in 31 Years. Use this scale to explore file sizes with time in the same Inception’esque way.

If Bytes Were Seconds

Let’s think of a byte as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response (8 bits of data) – Humans process this in, let’s say… 1 second – ‘Hmmmm. Yes!’ or ‘Hm…. No!’. With that as our base:

File Size
1 Byte (8 bits)
1 second
1 Kilobyte (1024 B)
17 minutes
1 Megabyte (1024 KB)
12 days
1 Gigabyte (1024 MB)
34 years
1 Terabyte (1024 GB)
35 millennium
1 Petabyte (1024 TB)
36 million years
1 Exabyte (1024 PB)
37 billion years (gigaannum)
1 Zettabyte (1024 EB)
37.5 trillion years (teraannum)
1 Yottabyte (1024 ZB)
38 quadrillion years (petaannum)


Now for The Home Computer

Familiar storage devices compared.

3½-inch HD floppy disk
1.44 MB
16.7 days
CD-ROM (450 floppies)
650 MB
21.6 years
4.7 GB
160 years
Hard Drive (425 DVDs)
2 TB
63,420 years

*values rounded for ease of comparison

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